Simon Morgan

When I started out studying in UCD there was no chamber choir performing on a regular basis. As a result I spent much of my first year singing as a guest with various Trinity chamber choirs and the Maynooth Chamber Choir. Given the size and potential of UCD it was brilliant news when Des announced to me one wet day that he was going to start up the Choral Scholars. With Des’s great drive behind the whole thing, he quickly got both the chaplaincy and various investors behind the project, and before long we were singing everything from Byrd to West Indian folk songs (I’ll never forget that Calypso Christmas!).

I loved performing as a member of UCD Choral Scholars, and even now remember the great satisfaction got from managing to get through ever more demanding choral programmes with a group of people that were not only fellow choir members but became great friends....the after parties were great fun too!

Nowadays I’m lucky to be working full time in music. Although I lived and sang abroad for a number of years, I have come back to settle in Dublin. Staying in one country means having your finger in a few music pies so while I work as a soloist with various orchestras and opera companies I also run a music agency www.musicsolutionsonline.com, arrange music (I was lucky enough to have Placido Domingo sing one of my orchestral arrangements) and, in The spirit of the UCD Choral Scholars, perform in the acappella harmony group The Key Notes ...over half our members are UCD Choral Scholars alumni!